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Test your Rock I.Q.

  • What is the name for a purple quartz crystal?
  • What is the name of the most common shape for cutting and polishing rocks for jewelry?
  • Where can you find petrified wood locally?
  • What is the hardest gemstone?
  • What is the name of the scale used to measure the hardness of a stone?
  • What mineral replaces wood to form petrified wood?
  • What is "leaverite"?
  • Which stone is made up of dark green chalcedony or jasper with flecks of red?
  • What is the name for volcanic glass (molten silica)?
  • What mineral is also called "fool's gold"?
  • What is a flat surface on a cut gemstone called?
  • What is the name for the art of fitting small bits of different colored stones together to make a picture?
  • What is the soft mineral that is used often in carvings?
  • What mineral (usually green) is used to make jewelry and carving in the orient?
  • What mineral is a banded colored stone found associated with volcanic lavas? Hint: It sometimes has tree or ferm like dendrites in it.
  • Name one mineral that fluoresces.
  • What is a mineral, usually blue, that has been widely used in Native American jewelry?
  • What is the name of a water animal that has no internal skeleton and lived millions of years ago?
  • What tool did Native Americans form by chipping and sharpening obsidian into a triangle shape?
  • What soft mineral, made of manganese silicate and frequently with black veins running through it, is rose red or pink and used in cabachon jewelry or carvings?
  • How can you change the color of a quartz crystal from purple to gold?

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